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We are living in a time when technology is evolving on a daily basis. With so many new gadgets and new technologies popping up every other day, we thought we’d highlight some reasons why homeowners should consider a smart home.

Smart Air Conditioning

Control the climate on any budget

The iZone climate control system is highly cost-effective, efficient, and effective. It outperforms most other systems, and as Smart Alec puts it, "it's about outsmarting, not outspending." You will enjoy a higher standard of living due to iZone technology. Isn't it cool? It wirelessly adjusts the temperature, air dispersion, and airflow in every room of your home from anywhere at any time.

iZone - Air Conditioning


Fan Speed

Fan Speed



Sleep Timer

Sleep Timer

Air Flow

Air Flow



Home Automation control panel
Controlling Home Automation from mobile app


Control your home's lights from your smart device, iZone controller or smart switches

Whatever your mood, preferred atmosphere, or occasion, iZone allows you to transform daily lighting into colourful memories. It is entirely wireless. So, to improve your game day experience, paint your walls in the colours of your favourite team.

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Smart Irrigation mobile app

Smart Irrigation

Smart watering can save on your bill

Or your tablet. Or your iZone controller. With iZone, you can water your garden or adjust your irrigation while you’re in bed, when you’re at work or even on the other side of the world.

iZone smart irrigation gives you complete control over your garden from anywhere in the world, using the iZone app on your smart device or your iZone controller. iZone saves water and saves you money. Using IFTTT, weather forecasts and clever watering modes, iZone Irrigation can save you big time.

  • Choose up to 24 stations, all independently controllable.
  • Adjust your cycles on the fly, depending on the weather.
  • Use your phone to take the back-and-forth out of checking and fixing your sprinklers.
  • Reduce water run-off with mini soak-and-cycle programs.
  • Use IFTTT to automatically skip a watering day if it rains.
Heater controlled by Smart Power

Smart Power

The most innovative way to turn your house into a smart home

With iZone Smart Plugs, you can turn regular everyday appliances into smart appliances. Simply plug a device into a smart plug and you can control them with your iZone controller or smart device. Switch them on and off manually or create a set-and-forget schedule, anytime, anywhere.

Simply plug a device into a smart plug and you can control them with your iZone controller or smart device. Switch them on and off manually or create a set-and-forget schedule, anytime, anywhere.

  • Enjoy endless opportunities to control and automate your appliances.
  • Put the kettle on so you can make a cuppa as soon as you get home.
  • Turn regular lights and lamps into smart lights you can control and automate remotely.
  • Switch your electric blanket on while you’re watching the telly.
  • Set your under-sink boiler to switch off at night, saving you money.

iZone Smart Monitoring

Use iZone Smart Monitoring to check how much power your appliances consume, then schedule your appliances to take advantage of off-peak pricing to reduce your energy bill. Do you have a solar system?

Making the most of your surplus daytime solar power might help you save money on electricity.
  1. Keep an eye on your air conditioning, washers, dryers, pool pumps, and anything else.
  2. Spread out and optimise your energy load throughout the day to save money.
  3. Using iZone's power diversion feature, you may use extra solar power to pre-heat or cool your house.
  4. Reduce your electricity use at peak hours to help avert blackouts.
iZone Smart Monitoring app
Home security


iZone gives you peace of mind, at home or while away

Smart Alecs say its not an issue. Improve your security by scheduling your iZone lighting, managing and monitoring your garage door, or observing who is at your front door in real-time - all from your smartphone.


Hands-free smart home control? Now you're talking.

With an iZone Smart Home system, you can control all your home's smarts with your voice using Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or Siri. There is air conditioning. Lights. Irrigation. The garage door. Roller shades. Entertainment. It's all there. Control anything separately or create smart home favourites, scenes, or routines with a single command.

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Application controlling home entertainment systems
Solar panels on roof


We all want a quick return on investment. So what if you could have a smart home that monitors your house, allowing you to use maximum solar power monitoring during the middle of the day, and therefore only sending what’s remaining across to the grid during peak? With an iZone Smart Home you can, and the pay-back is short-term, compared to that of a solar battery system.

Recent analysis has found that it will take 20 years for a homeowner using a solar powerwall system to recoup the purchase cost under the recent new solar pricing scheme.

The Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme will pay homeowners more for selling solar power during peak demand times between 3pm and 9pm, while payments during other parts of the day have been cut. The move is designed to reduce pressure on the grid during the day, when voltages rise because rooftop solar is producing so much energy.

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