Heatpumps & Air Conditioning

Heat pumps are the most energy efficient way to heat your home, at the touch of a button.

With a wide range of heat pump systems, Ambient Electrical will select and design the best system for your individual needs and budget.

Available systems

  • Single spit walls are the most common solution for single rooms in existing homes
  • Multi split systems allow you to heat or cool multiple rooms efficiently and can be controlled individually
  • Ducted heat pumps offer complete heating and cooling throughout your home and are concealed in the ceiling with individual vents
  • Floor consoles heat pump is perfect for single rooms where wall space is limited.
Heatpumps & Air Conditioning

Benefits of a heat pump

  • Heat pumps are energy and cost efficient to run
  • Heat pumps offer heating for winter and cooling for summer without taking up a lot of space inside the home
  • Instant heating and cooling with options to set timers and control remotely
  • Heat pumps have a longer life span with regular servicing than heaters
  • 5-year warranties on heat pumps

The Ambient Electrical difference

Ambient Electricals’ dedicated team provides the latest technologies and procedures at competitive rates while meeting customers’ needs and offering the best solutions. We provide clients with experience, quality, commitment, and a professional service from design, installation, and ongoing servicing.

Ambient Electrical are an Independent Qualified Person (IQP) with the Waikato Council / Build Waikato for Mechanical Ventilation or Air Conditioning Systems. This allows our team to offer a Form 12A: Certificate of Compliance with inspection, maintenance, and reporting procedures. This is a requirement for an annual building's warrant of fitness.

In addition to the above, we are also able to Produce Statements for HVAC and Emergency Lighting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size heat pump will I need for my home?

Many variables contribute to this including the size, shape, and existing insulation of the room and house. Larger heat pumps don’t necessarily mean better, as it could be more expensive to run compared to a smaller unit that may do the same job. Contact our team for a FREE quote where they can recommend the perfect unit for you based on the house.

Will a heat pump heat my entire house?

The common systems are high-wall heat pumps and are designed to heat individual rooms or areas depending on the size of the unit. If you are after complete house heating or multiple rooms, our team can provide you with options on ducted heating.

Is it expensive to run a heat pump?

Heat pumps are extremely energy efficient. They take less time to heat an area and 33% more efficient than traditional electric heaters. Heat pumps are the recommended choice by EECA and are environmentally friendly.

Are your installations compliant with the new Healthy Homes Standard?

Yes they are! It’s important we do a site visit on consultation to ensure our recommendations ensure complete compliance.

How do I know what brand to choose?

We only install brands we trust as it would cost us more to service and replace faulty units. We can help you select the correct brand and type based on your house, budget, and needs. Contact our team for a FREE quote where they can recommend the perfect unit for you based on your needs.

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